A. Mezo, a powerhouse Music Producer and Sound Engineer, ranges in styles from Rap/Hiphop, Techno/Trance and all in between. Producing for over 14 years, the musical creature has perfected his style and sound onwards to the future. He advances to his goal of creating the perfect beat. Always one step ahead of the trends, he works his way towards the top.

A creative force, Mezo prevails. Armed with an arsenal of samples, plugins, and software, he has essential tools to get the job done. Using FL Studio since Fruity Loops 3, and Pro Tools since version 7, he has practical experience, and improves daily.

A. Mezo, Mezo, or Meezy, is an upcoming sight for those with eager ears for new talent.

Tracks are sent via a Google Drive link. High Quality stems are packaged in a ZIP File, or a Pro Tools session may be sent instead.

Please Check below for Contact Information and how to follow.





ig @ mezobeatsdotcom